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N is for Ninja

Posted by MSeech on September 27, 2007

As the long and always forgotten borough of NYC, good ol’ Staten Island (better know as Shaolin) hardly ever receives press coverage. But when it does, it’s usually for the most asinine reasons.

It all seems surreal. Man breaks into 14 homes. Cops can’t catch man. Public learns man dresses like a ninja – nunchucks and all. Viola! The ninja burglar is born. No, he’s not a character in Hollywood’s latest box office bomb, but a real life bandit targeting homes on the North Shore of Staten Island.

Although his crime spree began way back in June, Islanders became familiar with the ninja after  The Staten Island Advance reported on a homeowner’s face-to-face meeting with the man in black.

 The story captivated the borough as details of the break-in emereged. According to the victim, Phil Chiolo sensed danger the moment his cat, Tippy, began to growl. Upon invesitgation of his basement, Chiolo encountered the elusive ninja burglar. Chiolo recalled his chilling made-for-tv confrontation in the Sept. 7 issue of the SI Advance:

“Then, I see this guy dressed in a Halloween-like ninja outfit, with just his eyes peering out,” said Chiolo. “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.”

Almost immediately, the intruder lunged at Chiolo, whacking his left shoulder blade with nunchucks, leaving a huge black and blue welt.

“He hits me, and he hits me hard,” he explained.

Chiolo spun around for cover, but the assailant hit him again with the weapon, this time leaving a knot in the back of his head.

Chiolo stabbed the intruder, but the ninja escaped into the Staten Island night.

Phil Chiolo displays the welt he sustained at the hands of the ninja bandit

Photo: Staten Island Advance/Joshua Carp

The burglar resurfaced two weeks later this time drawing widespread media attention. The break-in was the lead story on the local nightly news programs, but on Sept. 25, FOX News Channel aired a segement about the burglar complete with an analyst and  a photo of a random ninja. While the other cable news shows aired segments about the tragic protests in Myanmar and the UN General Assembly, FOX News aired two segments about the ninja bandit in one week. That’s double the Shaolin exposure.

Three dozen cops are currently assigned to the case:

Two task forces — a patrol team comprising 24 officers and an investigative team with 12 detectives, including members of the citywide Major Case Squad — are on the hunt, said Assistant Chief Albert Girimonte, the Island’s top cop.

Three dozen cops on the hunt for one lone ninja.

Welcome to Staten Island.


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