The Fuzzy Nutter

Posted by MSeech on November 28, 2007

The results are out and of the 29,600 people who took the FDNY’s exam this year 21,183 passed. But there’s more. It turns out that 38 percent of the test-takers were minorities which is up 17 percent from the last test given in 2002.

Here’s a statistical breakdown of this year’s test.

– Number of top scorers: 4,000

-Top scorers who are minorities: 18 percent Hispanic, 12 percent black, 3 percent Asian.

– Forty percent of the 29,600 applicants were minorities.

Breakdown of minorities currently in the 11,600 member FDNY:

– 665 are Hispanic

– 340 are black

– 31 are female

– 75 are Asians

The FDNY could not break out the minority figures by borough, but according to estimates from the Vulcan Society,  there is likely only one black firefighter assigned to Staten Island.

Before becoming firefighters, potential hires must pass a Candidate Physical Ability Test in the spring, then complete training at the Fire Academy on Randall’s Island.


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