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No Reservations

Posted by MSeech on November 20, 2007

Sunday’s Washington Post featured a great Q&A with the ever-charming Anthony Bourdain.

You’ve created a mini genre. Now there’s Andrew Zimmern (“Bizarre Foods”) on your channel. And the Food Network finally jumped in (“Have Fork, Will Travel”).

Oh, God. They hired a comedian [Zane Lamprey] to go around the world making fun of people’s accents. I caught 15 minutes of the show. He described bouillabaisse as “really fishy fish.” It’s like hiring Roberto Benigni, very slapstick. How many cultures can you offend in one series? It’s unspeakably awful.


One Response to “No Reservations”

  1. craig said

    Anthony is not necessarily a hero of mine, but his opinions and attitudes I view as heroic (does that make sense?). A Cook’s Tour is, along with Bill Buford’s Heat, the best food book I’ve read.

    Andrew Zimmern? Also not heroic, but certainly a risk taker extraordinaire. I’m sure he’ll love New York’s new restaurant dedicated to … pig’s feet: Hakata TonTon.

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