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Posted by MSeech on November 28, 2007

The results are out and of the 29,600 people who took the FDNY’s exam this year 21,183 passed. But there’s more. It turns out that 38 percent of the test-takers were minorities which is up 17 percent from the last test given in 2002.

Here’s a statistical breakdown of this year’s test.

– Number of top scorers: 4,000

-Top scorers who are minorities: 18 percent Hispanic, 12 percent black, 3 percent Asian.

– Forty percent of the 29,600 applicants were minorities.

Breakdown of minorities currently in the 11,600 member FDNY:

– 665 are Hispanic

– 340 are black

– 31 are female

– 75 are Asians

The FDNY could not break out the minority figures by borough, but according to estimates from the Vulcan Society,  there is likely only one black firefighter assigned to Staten Island.

Before becoming firefighters, potential hires must pass a Candidate Physical Ability Test in the spring, then complete training at the Fire Academy on Randall’s Island.


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No Reservations

Posted by MSeech on November 20, 2007

Sunday’s Washington Post featured a great Q&A with the ever-charming Anthony Bourdain.

You’ve created a mini genre. Now there’s Andrew Zimmern (“Bizarre Foods”) on your channel. And the Food Network finally jumped in (“Have Fork, Will Travel”).

Oh, God. They hired a comedian [Zane Lamprey] to go around the world making fun of people’s accents. I caught 15 minutes of the show. He described bouillabaisse as “really fishy fish.” It’s like hiring Roberto Benigni, very slapstick. How many cultures can you offend in one series? It’s unspeakably awful.

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Food and Self-Loathing: It’s Good to be Fat, Now Put Down the Bacon

Posted by MSeech on November 18, 2007

A study linking the inceased risk of cancer to excess body fat came out in late October. But the anti-bacon report was followed a few days later by another study claiming that a little extra flab might help people live longer.

Michael Thun, head of epidemiological research for the American Cancer Society, says, “People are not paying nearly enough attention to the relationship between obesity and increased cancer risk.” The report also found:

•Every 1.7 ounces of processed meat consumed a day increases the risk of colorectal cancer by 21%.

“This is a wake-up call for people who eat hot dogs or pepperoni pizza regularly,” Collins says. “They need to be looking for other alternatives. But you can still occasionally have a hot dog.”

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NE Patriots Win at Life

Posted by MSeech on November 5, 2007

It was a battle between the only undefeated teams in the NFL, but 3 hours later the New England Patriots were left standing. Cue Highlander theme . . .

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It’s a Bono, Bloomberg Lovefest.

Posted by MSeech on November 2, 2007

Irish rocker and U2 frontman Bono paid NYC’s City Hall a visit today, praising the Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s philanthropic efforts.

”What I’m interested in is not just his cash, but his intellect, and how his business acumen could be used to work for the world’s poor,” Bono said.

According to the Associated Press, Bono was invited to meet with the mayor, who wanted to know what the singer had been working on with his philanthropic projects.

Just a perk to being Mayor of NYC and a billionaire.

Bono rocked his trademark wraparound sunglasses as he and the mayor chatted.
“He’s a great and gifted manager and I think he could do an awful lot of good inside or outside the White House,” Bono said.

Could Bono words foreshadow what’s ahead for the mayor?

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Go Eat . . . Squirrel?

Posted by MSeech on November 1, 2007

R.L. Stine scared kids with Goosebumps: Go Eat Worms. Thomas Rockwell’s How to Eat Fried Worms was turned into a movie. Now, the Oct. 31 edition of the NY Post gave us another stomach-churning delicacy, not to mention another reason to pick on New Jersey.

Not that he’s squeamish. He explains that he skins squirrels, pulls the fur off, then guts and cleans the animal. Then he puts it in salt and lets it sit overnight.

“I boil it in water and then toss it in a pan,” DeGroat said. “I serve it with rich or mashed potatoes. I like my squirrel with barbecue sauce, garlic, mustard and ketchup,” he said. “It’s not a whole lot of meat. You have to put three or four squirrels together for a good meal.”

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