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S.I. Ferry’s Top Three Pests

Posted by MSeech on October 30, 2007

1. Tourists. Stop standing on the wrong side of the boat only to figure out you’ve missed the photo-op. And stop leaving the doors open when it’s freezing outside! Overall, just stop.

2.  Riders beware! At any given time you can encounter the annoy, but famous SI Ferry preacher. Although the article ran in the Sunday Times, the SI Advance “scooped” them a few weeks ago. If you can find the article, send it my way . . .

3. Don’t kiss your mother with those lips! If you’ve ever been thirsty enough to wet your palette using one of the many water fountains in the SI Ferry Terminal, you might want to read this. Mmmm bird flu.


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Dumbest Move of 2007 Goes to . . .

Posted by MSeech on October 29, 2007

Firefighters Michael Izzo, 30, of Staten Island and Richard Capece, 31, of Brooklyn who set fire to the door of Engine 34 in Hell’s Kitchen. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum claim it was a Halloween prank gone bad. Looks like they beat the arsonists who started those deadly California fires to an excuse. Way to make the FDNY proud, guys.

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Trick or Treat: Ninja Fans Gearing Up For Halloween

Posted by MSeech on October 28, 2007

With Halloween just days away, it’s safe to say many Staten Islanders will don the costume of the infamous Ninja Burglar. So the question we’re left asking is: Will he strike? Let the betting begin!

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Birds of a Feather

Posted by MSeech on October 17, 2007

Just off of the 92nd St. exit on the Gowanus Expressway, a man causally reaches into a shopping bag, pulls out a piece of bread and tosses it to a lone rooster who wanders in front of an entrance to Poly Prep Country Day School. The brown–feathered rooster glances at the bread and continues his prideful stroll in search of something better.

The rooster is just one of the many birds that can be found on the school grounds of Poly Prep, and throughout Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, and Fort Hamilton – a community district with it’s own distinct animal landmarks.

A small portion of Poly Prep’s lawn, located across the street from Victory Memorial Hospital, is strewn with white feathers. Pigeons claim the sidewalk as their own and walkers who keep a lookout for goose feces – some aren’t so lucky. But visitors keep coming, and most are accompanied by young children.

Sheetal Patel brings her 4 year-old daughter Mital, to bird-watch.
“It’s like a zoo,” Patel said. “I walk-by here everyday and if it’s not the kids who are feeding the birds, adults are.”

Word on the street is that most of the animals were dumped at the school mainly because of inept caretakers or people who are in illegal possession of an animal.

**For the children’s sake, please DO NOT dump these animals at Poly Prep.**

Although the birds of Poly Prep are confined to local fame, the wild Quaker parrots of Brooklyn are borough treasures.


Walk through Leif Ericson Park in Bay Ridge and you can hear the squawks of wild parrots coming from tree tops and atop street lights on park’s east side.

Leif Ericson park is 16-arce park that was partially devastated by an EF2 tornado on August 9, 2007. In a movie-like ending, the tornado changed course and the birds were spared.

Thank Jeebus.

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Oh-do! NYC Councilman Gets Punked, Drops F-Bomb

Posted by MSeech on October 12, 2007

It is often said imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but for one Norwegian comedian imitation led to a full on verbal smackdown – expletives included – by New York City Councilman, James Oddo (R-Staten Island).

Councilman Jams Oddo


Pia Haraldsen of the Norwegian comdey show “Rikets Rost”- Norway’s version of the Daily Show – pretended to be a news interviewer who questioned the Staten Island councilman about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

But what Sacha Baron Cohen’s characters, Borat and Ali G. possess, the faux news reporter tremendously lacks: charisma, comedic skills, and charm – three things even a city councilman couldn’t see. After a string of unfunny and idiotic questions, Oddo erupted at Haraldsen dropping the F-bomb approximately 16 times.

Oddo said it was a gut reaction and has since apologized for the outburst, but does not regret the sentiment.

Oddo’s blow-up gained national and even world attention after a viral video of the confrontation spread on the internet.

Since it’s “debut” a week ago on Youtube, the video has been viewed a staggering 549,577 times.

But what about the backlash? An editorial in the NY Daily News called Oddo “a genuine Stand-Up New Yorker.” On NY1’s website “Snap Poll” 68 percent believed the councilman should receive praise, 26 percent would like to see him criticized, and 5 percent wanted both. Even George Arzt, a Democratic consultant and lobbyist in Manhattan offered words of support: “It is tough to be civil when you’re being set up,” Arzt said. “This is such a minuscule issue. It won’t affect anybody, and he was scammed.”

But leave it to The Washington Post to offer the best summary possible:

“His reaction is that of an average citizen — a citizen of Staten Island.”

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